Skinny Apple

Skinny Apple by Josip Gotler exposes its charming and elegant bitemarks to show off one juicy personality which someone obviously couldn't resist. Unique shape and vivid colors create an alluring personality which dominates any surrounding.

Unique lifepath of this piece starts with a spark in the designers head, eccentric and magical idea that leads to a rough 2D sketch, which then translates to digital drawing as a baseline for the final sculpting and crafting of a precise prototype for this character.

The Quirky Companions introduce a funky asymmetrical design and unusual curved lines, highlighted by vivid finishes, offering a centerpiece with a striking presence for every space.

Despite pushing the limits of the design, skillful use of materials and superior craftsmanship deliver a fully functional piece of furniture.

Made from first class FSC birch plywood, equipped with high grade drawer runner systems and finished with durable water based paint.

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  • Designer & Creator:
    Josip Gotler
  • Furniture Series:
    The Quirky Companions

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