About the Studio

Josip Gotler (1987) is a young designer who just loves to do something different and refreshing. He dares to stay away from anything ordinary, breathing life into his creations which stand out in their own world of enchanting craziness, much like himself.

Every creation is a product of his quirky imagination, handmade from rough sketch to final piece, often inspired by whimsical ideas from everyday life. Dancing on the fine line between reality and fiction, they create a thrilling and alluring ambience around them.

"I want to make people wonder, smile and discuss my work. All of the crazy ideas living in my head need to come out to trigger joy and amazement making the world a happier place."

All of the magic happens inside this one studio, all the ideas, sketches, design and crafting the final piece. Craftsmanship and exceptional tools are equally important in the workshop where all of the designs are being produced in extremely small numbers.

Despite the funky designs of every piece, only top quality materials are used to ensure a fully functional, safe and long lasting product which can be a centerpiece for generations.

European birch plywood from FSC sources is mostly the material of choice, because of its extreme durability and strength, water/moisture resistance and environmental friendliness. Birch is an abundant, fast growing species which makes it perfect renewable source material with no negative impact on the environment.

All pieces are coated exclusively with highest quality German water based polyurethan paints that are non toxic according to DIN EN 71-3 safety standard. Also, top of the line Austrian hinge and runner systems are chosen for our creations.

"My biggest motivation is the desire to prove that everything is possible, our mind is the only limit."

Open mind, unique ideas and well equipped workshop is more than enough to push the limits of the design and that will be our primary goal for many more years to come.

Studio Josip Gotler

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